Metropolis (1927)

directorFritz Lang|producerErich Pommer|writerThea von Harbou|castBrigitte Helm Gustav Fröhlich Alfred Abel Rudolf Klein-Rogge|cameraKarl Freund Günther Rittau Walter Ruttmann|musicGottfried Huppertz|special mentionEugen Schüfftan Walter Schulze-Mittendorff|distributionUFA Paramount Pictures (US)|year1927|length153′(original) 148′(restoration)|genresilent film|spoken languageN/A|subtitlesSRT file(English) original intertitles(German)|countryGermany

10 5 8 6.5 11 3
look pace energy feels depth humor


Ito ang main message ng classic sci-fi trailblazer na ito. It roughly transliterates to, “The mediator between the head and the hands should be the heart!” Pero syempre, like other films masterminded by this legend, napakarami pang tema’t mensahe nitong obra niyang ito.

Obviously inspired by the mad rush of skyscraper-building in the US, Lang and partner Harbou paint a dystopian picture where one’s social status harshly corresponds to their physical station. At tulad din ng mga ganitong uri ng estado sa kasaysayan, ika nga ni Bob Marley: “Everyday the bucket goes down the well. Someday the bottom will go drop out“. And drop out it does, in a cinematic blaze of glory. Kakaunti lamang ang ibang gloom and doom films na kinayang tumapat o humigit sa epekto ng Metropolis sa kaluluwa ng isang tao. I say go try and get a copy. It’s easily worth so much more than what you’ll be shelling out for it.


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