Like Father, Like Son (2013)

Koreeda Hirokazu ⌑ 121 mins ⌑ Drama ⌑ Japan

10 8 5 11 10 6.5*
look pace energy feels depth humor

* – solely by Lily Franky

Found deserving to be Prix du Jury winner of the 66th Cannes Festival, Hirokazu Koreeda’s “そして父になる” (Soshite Chichi ni Naru) or Like Father, Like Son is mostly made of win. Walang sugarcoating ang mensahe’t sobrang artistic ng pag-communicate nito. The actors were all commendable, pero ang stars dito ay ang kids. Emotionally heavy pero employing perfect restraint – which is so Japanese, if I may say so. Overall treatment is brilliant, at kita ang kalibre ng may-akda. Only stumbling block for me is the plot, which is kind of an important aspect of any film. It just lacks realism and it felt so contrived, I kind of felt bad a bit for feeling let down by such a nice film. Buti na lang at mas importante para sa akin yung how the story is told, dahil dun naman bawing-bawi itong Like Father, Like Son. At the end of the day, this sentimental film stood on shaky foundations but quickly regained its footing because of moving performances from everyone; most especially from the youngest members of the cast. And from what I found out researching about his past works, it’s really all about them with Koreeda.

Full Credits

directorHirokazu Koreeda|producerKaoru Matsuzaki Hijiri Taguchi|writerHirokazu Koreeda|castKeita Ninomiya Shogen Hwang Masaharu Fukuyama Machiko Ono Yoko Maki Lily Franky|cameraMikiya Takimoto|musicJunichi Matsumoto Takashi Mori Takeshi Matsubara|production designerKeiko Mitsumatsu|set decoratorAkiko Matsuba|costumeKazuko Kurosawa Misako Kajimoto|soundYutaka Tsurumaki(Dolby Digital)|castingToshie Tabata|distributionGAGA Amuse Soft Entertainment|year2013|length121’|genredrama gendaigeki|spoken languageJapanese|subtitlesSRT file(English)|countryJapan


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