The Lego Movie (2014)

Phil Lord & Christopher Miller ♦ 100 mins ♦ Adventure Comedy ♦ USA, Australia & Denmark

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Already a feat in its unique approach to animation alone, this blockbuster that is unabashedly all about the titular product is refreshingly more than meets the eye. Granted, hindi siguro intensyon ng creators na i-up ang ante ng kalaliman given the context of the film’s production – I mean, it is titled that way for very obvious reasons – but the underlying gems are there, at sobrang sarap namnamin ang mga ito… if you somehow manage to catch them amid the countless albeit trivial references to pop culture, that is.

I am, of course, talking about how The Lego Movie could be a meta-meditation in the sense that it could be a meditation on how the parameters of this kind of a production somehow limit the extent of meditation, decision-making and, ultimately, product-making the creators can (legally/ethically/whatevs) offer to the audience. I mean, yeah sure, fashionable na ngayon ang sumabay sa modern sensibilities tulad ng self-deprecation, poking fun at establishments, etc. pero, good Lord, do not let a movie you will show to kids have a bad ending. Ever. Let’s not even talk about how the whole movie screams INDIVIDUALITY! (yes, all caps with the exclamation point) but ends up exactly like the rest of formulaic cinema designed to make all of us feel the same emotions and think singular collective thoughts. *cue in “Everything is Awesome!”*

Gusto ko rin yung medyo philosophical/ethical bits na magi-glean from the movie na medyo leaning towards sa assertion ni Aristotle about the middle way o phronesis. Mahusay man ang master builders o si Business (in very opposite ways), si Emmet pa rin ang nagligtas sa lahat sa paraang very reminiscent of Princess Mononoke‘s Ashitaka.

Another thing that stood out to me is how such an eye-roller (but admittedly a bit amusing) The Lego Movie depicted deus ex machina. Sad nga lang kung may kahit sinong nilalang na hindi inexpect yun right from the get go. Ibig sabihin hindi maganda ang childhood niya. Hindi kasi siya nakapag-Lego. Aw.

Anyhoo, at the end of the day, The Lego Movie is fun to watch. I had more than a few genuine chuckles while watching it (which is rare, mind you) and it is very beautiful and nostalgic to look at. Would’ve been so much more awesome though had they made Will step on a bunch of blocks barefoot. That could’ve won the intarwebz.

Full Credits

directorPhil Lord Christopher Miller|producerDan Lin Roy Lee|writerPhil Lord Christopher Miller(screenplay) Dan Hageman Kevin Hageman Phil Lord Christopher Miller(story)|castChris Pratt Will Ferrell Jadon Sand Elizabeth Banks Will Arnett Nick Offerman Alison Brie Charlie Day Liam Neeson Morgan Freeman|cameraPablo Plaisted|musicMark Mothersbaugh|editingDavid Burrows Chris McKay|production designGrant Freckelton|makeupTammy Ashmore(makeup) Robert Hallowell II(hair) Bridget Cook(hair stylist for Will Ferrell)|set decoratorDanielle Berman|art directorJay Pelissier Sue Chan Michael Fuller(Lego Team)|animation supervisorChris McKay Aidan Sarsfield(CG supervisor)|sfx/vfxAnimal Logic(feature animation) Legend3D(3d conversion)|costumeJulie-Marie Robar|soundWayne Pashley|castingMary Hidalgo|productionWarner Bros. Village Roadshow Pictures RatPac-Dune Entertainment The LEGO Group Vertigo Entertainment Lin Pictures|distributionWarner Bros. Bandwidth Digital Releasing Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal Golden Village Pictures InterCom Roadshow Films Village SF Film Finland Warner Home Video|year2014|length100’|genreanimation adventure family comedy|spoken languageEnglish|subtitlesSRT file(English)|countryUSA Australia Denmark


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