Updating (yet again) my site.

Hi there guys. Sorry for taking a bit longer to put up the next review. It’s just that I’ve been tinkering with the layout code a lot lately, just so I could make viewing Pelikulust a pleasurable experience across all devices.

If you go to this blog mostly on your mobile device, you’d notice that the scores will drastically change after this update. If all goes as planned, you won’t have to scroll sideways anymore to view the whole thing. It’s because I turned that formerly rigid line of text into a beautiful scalable HTML table. Yeah, should’ve done that before, I know. But like what they say: “Better late than never”, right? 🙂

Oh, and another thing. Also after this update, I’ll be shifting from Taglish to full English in my posts. It’s because when I look at my stats, there are always views and likes from other countries. And that’s with a substantial part of each post in Tagalog. So as a token of appreciation for the readership and following, yeah, I’ll let you guys understand everything I’ll be writing here from now on. Or if I do decide to use it again, I’ll always leave a small translation note at the side for my Tagalog-challenged audience.

That’s all guys. And as always, keep your own pelikulust alive. 🙂


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