A typical Taglish English movie review site. The title is a sort of portmanteau and play on words: Pelikula means films/movies in Tagalog, virtually identical (except for the Tagalog K) to the Spanish pelicula, while lust is an English word so no explanation needed. Clever, eh?

Oh yeah, THIS SITE IS BEST VIEWED WITH GOOGLE CHROME. Just so you guys know.


I’m Bem. I love movies. I also love music, but I’m not as ravenous in consuming songs as I am with movies. I also love writing or talking about the movies I’ve already watched. I like discussing about the little things in those movies that, on second look, aren’t so little after all. I love talking/writing about how movies move me; how they make me feel or think. And most of all, I love stories. Hell, I even love to think about how stories are told. To me, it’s the most important aspect of the movie and it’s what makes or breaks it. The story, and how it was told.

Welcome, and I hope you’ll find something worthwhile in here.



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