I realized I might have completely confused some of you, my dear readers, about how my scoring system works. See, I’m not such a big fan of having to consolidate all of my opinions about a certain feature into one all-important make-or-break final score. Just like with music, I’m not so good at quantifying how I felt about something. Yes, I’m a lousy utilitarian, I know. But as a compromise, I can quantify what seemed to me – while watching these movies – are levels of the creators’ mastery on the different aspects of filmmaking. I grouped these so-termed aspects into six neat categories and gave each the most appropriate and universal word I could think of that could sum all of these grouped aspects up. These categories then, are the ones I gave individual scores to, starting from zero (0) for total failure or complete lack of said aspects up to 10 and sometimes more for the exemplars of a given category. It will then be up to you, the reader, to consider these six marks while making your own mind up about the film being reviewed. I think it’s best that way, that people can think for themselves despite any scathing or raving review I end up writing.

Anyway, these are some of the specific aspects taken into consideration while scoring. This is just to give all of you a clearer picture of what each term roughly encompasses.

LOOK – Mise-en-Scène, Film Palette, Cinematography, etc.

PACE – Continuity, Brevity, Transitional devices, Plot development, etc.

ENERGY – Action sequences, Suspense and tension, Movement, etc.

FEELS – Nostalgia and pastiche, Empathy and sympathy, Denouement (or a completely fulfilling lack of it), etc.

DEPTH – Allusions, Metaphors, Ideology, Impact and legacy, Symbolism, etc.

HUMOR – Parody, Satire, Repartee, Comic timing, Slapstick, etc.

So there. I hope this page settles everything and helps everyone to fully understand and weigh the marks I give to each of these categories in my future reviews. Enjoy reading and always keep your own pelikulust alive. 🙂


What say you?

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